The grade 4/5 students have been busy working on an exciting global project with Mrs Yollis’ class in California, USA.

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This is how the project worked:

  • Students worked collaboratively to create a video in the style of a tourism commercial that shows off some of the the wonderful landmarks across their nation.
  • Working with a partner, students researched facts about their landmark and came up with ways to make their segment informative, persuasive, and entertaining.
  • After creating a script and rehearsing, students filmed their segment using green screen technology with their landmark in the background.
  • The segments were put together into a class video .

Our Video

Take a look at our work!

Scroll down to find a wonderful comment from Mrs Yollis’ students.

Video From Mrs Yollis’ Class

Now it’s time to head over to Mrs Yollis’ class blog to check out her wonderful video. You can take a tour of the US without even leaving home or school!

Mrs Yollis’ students are about to start their summer holidays but they’d still love to hear from you. Leave them a comment!

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Mrs Yollis' class blog

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16 thoughts on “Landmarks Global Project Video

  1. Dear Mrs. Morris and students,

    Wow! We just watched your movie here in California, and we want to visit!

    Jayden thought you had a lot of energy and gestures when you performed. Mila liked how your volume was very good. Because you have an accent ;-), it was fun to listen to your voices. I bet that was true for you all, too!

    Mia enjoyed learning about some of the histories of your landmarks. When the students were “swimming” in the ocean, everyone smiled. Will loved hearing about the Sydney Harbour/Harbor Bridge and can’t believe you can climb it. We want to hear more about that! Ben wants to hear more about the crocodiles in Kakadu National park. How often do you see them? Shane liked the Twelve Apostles. Can you climb them?

    On our cursive poster, there is a picture of Uluru Rock. Can you tell us anything about that?

    We will try and add more if possible. Our school year ends tomorrow, June 14.

    Your blogging buddies,
    Mrs. Yollis and class
    Los Angeles, California

    1. Ella M

      Dear Mrs Yollis Class

      I really loved your video because you used all this actions that went with your landmark topic. I have a piece of imformation about Uluru. It is taller then the Eiffel Tower, Statue Of Liberty, Big Ben, Sydney Harbour Bridge and even the Great Pyramid Of Giza. It is also known as the heart of Australia

      I hope you have a great summer holidays

    2. To mrs yollis and class
      Uluru rock is formerly named Ayers rock.

      From Riley

  2. dear 4/5A,

    that was amazing. I love all those landmarks. I have been to most of the places, but not all I would like to go to all those great landmarks. It looked like lots of fun.
    I loved it. I learned lots of new facts. I live in Australia and didn’t know even half of that
    I learnt heaps. keep it up. I think I could go on google and not find all that information. have a great day now I know all these facts about Australia and what it would be in America.
    keep on going with all these amazing things. gotta go now, bye.
    seeing all this blew my mind. keep it up.

    from Chloe

  3. Hey disneyland
    I loved your video I wish I could go.
    What is your favourite thing there.
    From Sydney Harbour bridge (harbor)

  4. To Mrs Yollis and class

    Thank you for all the feedback.
    You can’t actually climb the twelve apostles because they’re unstable but you can always look at them.
    Happy holidays

    From the Bells Beach Boys

  5. Dear Shane,
    Sorry to say but, you can’t climb the Twelve Apostles because it’s made out of sandstone all the way through, and the water is to strong which makes it easy for bits to fall off. Now that I think about it, that explains why most of the Apostles fell over. So they are basically just for looking, but it would be cool if you could climb them.
    Mrs Morris’ student,

  6. Hi MCG Guys,

    I really liked how you didn’t look down and you were always looking at the camera Jack the idea of putting a sticky note on your hand was good.

    From Riley

    1. Hi Riley,
      thanks for the feedback on our global landmarks vid.
      it was sort of awkward because nobody else had used that tactic.
      From Evan

  7. Dear Bells Beach
    I loved your background on the green screen of mick fanning surfing. I leant so much about Bellls Beach and I really injoyed it.
    From James M

  8. Hi Ethan

    YOU WERE AMAZING!! I really loved your expression and fluency you really did remember your script.
    Some questions though:
    -How long did it take you to remember it?
    -How long are each section?
    -Why were they named east crocodile and south crocodile ect.?

    From your pal

  9. Dear Great Barrier Reef,
    I really liked the way you swam through the water!
    I have a question, do you know how many different species of marine life there are there?
    From anonymous

  10. Hi I was talking about Kakadu National Park to answer your question there is 10,000 crocodiles not counting hatching eggs. Also I loved the Statue of Liberty landmark video it was the most interesting for me although the others were amazing I enjoyed it so much!

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